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A mysterious Civil War rebel belt plate leads a group of modern day relic hunters on a quest to uncover the terrible secret of The General’s Relic. The story begins tracing the history of a relic that has great power. The beginning of the novel provides insight into American Civil War battles that took place, along with the soldiers that fought in those battles. This allows readers to understand the historical significance of the General’s Relic, along with other relics that the main characters in the novel later discover. The novel then leads to modern times, following a team of treasure hunters through a worldwide adventure.


Check it out on Amazon The Lost Plantation of Buford College

Let the beauty, mystery, and action come alive as you turn the pages of The Lost Plantation of Buford College, a short story of a forgotten historical place in Nashville Tennessee. The Plater House, later known as Buford College, was rich in history with many stories taking place in the house and on the grounds. Many beautiful, historical structures have been knocked down over the years with their stories buried in the rubble. The Lost Plantation of Buford College includes aerial photos from the 1930s that show the location of where Buford College once stood.

About Max…


Max currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and two cats. He enjoys uncovering history through metal detecting and conducting research. His passion to write stems from his desire to share stories of people and structures from the past. When Max isn’t writing, he is out rescuing artifacts before they are forever lost.

Uncovering history in 12 South

12th South is in the heart of where a major Civil War battle occurred in Middle Tennessee in the 1860s.  The Battle of Nashville marked the last time that the Western Confederacy would have the strength to initiate an offensive campaign.  General John Bell Hood in command of the Army of Tennessee with approximately 30,000 men fought a battle against General George H. Thomas in command of the Army of the Cumberland with approximately 50,000 men.

The Battle of Nashville was fought on December 15th and 16th, 1862.  The Battle of Nashville resulted in the loss of approximately 4,000 men from the North and South, wounded and killed.   The Eagle Breast Plate was found on private property with permission, only a short distance from 12th South.  This  beautiful artifact would have been dropped likely during the first days during the Battle of Nashville.  Scenic Sunnyside Mansion, in 12th South, was used as a hospital for injured soldiers during the American Civil War.   Now tranquil walking trails wind through Sevier Park.   On Tuesdays, seasonally, you can find fresh produce at the Farmers Market here.  Another site not to miss in the area is the Battle of Nashville Monument.  It’s only a few blocks from Sunnyside Mansion.

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